What is Keyup?

Keyup manages your contacts in a secure way, and allows you to send and receive encrypted email via Gmail using the OpenPGP standard. It integrates closely with Keybase to securely manage your keys and contacts. Keyup is designed for iOS 8 and includes 1Password and TouchID integration.


It's hard to send and receive encrypted email. Keyup is designed to be usable by people who aren't completely familiar with how public key cryptography works, and to guide them through it in an easy and secure way.

What is Keybase?

Keybase is a directory of public keys and the proofs of who owns them. Keybase lets you get someone's public key and trust it, without meeting in person or trusting a "web of trust."

In order to use Keyup you'll need a Keybase account. You can create one in the Keyup app if you don't have one already. Learn more about Keybase.

Can I add a contact and key for a person who isn't on keybase?

Currently, all your contacts must be associated with a keybase user.

What email hosting providers do you currently support?

Keyup currently only supports the Gmail API, but we are working on supporting more soon.

How do you interact with my Gmail account?

We query for email threads with armored PGP message blocks.

Does Keyup work with other PGP email clients?

Clients that send a single inline PGP message that is signed and encrypted are supported the best. We also support OpenPGP MIME (RFC3156) which is what GPGMail uses. If you have any bug reports, questions or comments, feel free to submit an issue.

Are you rolling your own crypto?

No, all of the crypto libraries we use are open source. Keyup uses the following libraries:

What do you store on the device and how do you store it?

All data is stored in an encrypted sqlite database (using sqlcipher), except for these items stored in your Keychain:

By default, your password is never stored on the device (only in memory). If you disabled the lock screen or use Touch ID for the lock screen we need to store your password in the Keychain (with iCloud sync disabled).

By default, if you create a account in Keyup, your (TripleSec'ed) private key is backed up to This is so your private key is not lost if the app is removed. However, if you import your key manually, it is not stored on the server, and only stored (TripleSec'ed) in the local encrypted sqlite database.

I have more questions, or I found a bug.

I'm still working on more documentation and open sourcing core parts of the app (or the whole app). If you have questions you can contact me at . If you want to issue a bug report you can do that at .